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RFID e.Tags with premium performance. More information about RFID e.Tag features and advantages...

RFID e.Tags assign a unique numeric identity to livestock through universally recognized radio frequency technology. RFID e.Tags are commonly called EID or RFID tags throughout the industry. The RFID e.Tag is a Full duplex (FDX-B), ISO-compliant tag. RFID e.Tags can be read by all ISO-compliant readers; read range is up to 4 feet depending on system used and optimal tag orientation. RFID e.Tags are available in white and yellow. RFID e.Tag studs will match the color of the RFID e.Tag.
Customized Options:
Custom print the tag stud. Markings on the stud must be text or very simple artwork.

IMPORTANT: If you would like to order custom tags that have unique text on each tag, please read these instructions. You are able to type the information in a spreadsheet and then save it as a CSV file for upload. Please do not build the tags one at a time. If you have questions, please contact our office for assistance at 816-383-5100 or email us.
Universal e.Tag Set
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Universal e.Tag Set
Base Price: $2.05 each
Size: ½” diameter x 0.3” depth
e.Tag Sets are also available in the 840 tag option.

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