Be a part of the newly completed walkway at the American Angus Association® headquarters in Saint Joseph, Mo., while supporting the Angus Foundation’s youth, education and research efforts. If you missed out on Phase I, do not miss out on Phase II.

Angus Association members and supporters are welcome to make an unrestricted tax-deductible donation to the Angus Foundation to be recognized on a granite paver, which come in various sizes and dollar amounts. Ground pavers come in 6" x 12" at $300 each and 12" x 12" at $600 each. Wall pavers are 8" x 16" at $2,600 each.

A limited number of each size are still available and will be granted on first-come, first-served basis. The pavers will be engraved randomly into the ground or wall, so you will not be allowed to choose a particular location for your paver. You can list names, farm/ranch names, dates, in-memory, etc., text that fits within the line and character limits for each sized granite paver. No brands or logos will be allowed on the pavers. The text will be centered when the paver is engraved; therefore, do not worry about centering your text when filling in your information (see examples for more information).

Call 816-383-5100 with any questions you might have. This opportunity ends once all of the pavers are sold. Orders must be accompanied by payment to be reserved. The Angus Foundation reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of all brick engraving orders.

Note: When completing your orders below, make sure to include spaces between letters and numbers where appropriate. You do not need to put a space before or after other characters (such as & , . -).

Unpolished black granite
(dove gray color)with
black lettering, two
size options
6" x 12" = $300 each
2 lines; 14 characters per line,
including spaces and punctuation
12" x 12" = $600 each
4 lines; 14 characters per line,
including spaces and punctuation

The 12 x 12 granite pavers have sold out.

WALL PAVERS Polished black granite with white lettering, one size option, only 24 total available
8" x 16" = $2,600 each
4 lines; 18 characters per line,
including spaces and punctuation

The 8 x 16 wall pavers have sold out.

Enter donation information below. Engraving will not begin until donation is received and processed.

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