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Individual Digits & LettersZoom
Individual Digits & Letters
Each digit and letter is purchased separately, and we have 0-9 and A-Z.
Set Of Tattoo Digits 0-9Zoom
Set Of Tattoo Digits 0-9
This set of tattoo digits has a plastic base and metal prongs they include digits 0-9.
Set Of Tattoo Letters A-ZZoom
Set Of Tattoo Letters A-Z
Contains Tattoos for all letters A - Z
Tattoo Ink GreenZoom
Tattoo Ink Green
This tube of ink is only offered in green, and can tattoo approximately 25 animals, depending on the amount you use.
Tattoo MachineZoom
Tattoo Machine
This kit includes the tattoo machine (maximum 4 digits), one tube of green ink and a set of digits 0-9.
Tattoo Machine (pliers only)Zoom
Tattoo Machine (pliers only)
This kit includes the tattoo machine (maximum 4 digits), w/o ink and digits.
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